Installing fiber optics is a mostly underground construction process. When installing fiber optic to your home or business, our crew follows existing utility marks in the area. We ask customers to fill out the ‘fiber to the premise’ form and we ask all the home & business owners to mark the lines in their yard to the best of their knowledge by using the right color paints and flags.

Mosaic will call the Diggers Hotline (811) before digging your premises to locate all public utilities. However, the home/business owner will be responsible to mark private services/lines such as wells, septic, electric fences, etc.

Our fiber to the premise form allows you to answer the following questions.

  • Do you have a sprinkler system?
  • Is there an invisible dog fence?
  • Do you have private electric lines past the meter?
  • Do you have a septic system, tile drains, or sump pump drains?
  • Do you have any private utility lines like gas or water?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, owners must mention this on the fiber to the premise form, and will need to mark the location of the private lines so our construction crew doesn’t damage these during construction.

Understanding the utility color code with flags/paints in your yard

If paint marks or flags have been destroyed due to excavation site activities, weather, or other means, a relocation request should be filed with Diggers Hotline (811).

Once the construction is completed, you can go ahead and remove the flags and markings at your convenience.

What happens to my yard during the construction?

Fiber optic construction is mainly an underground construction, this means in order to connect your house to high-speed fiber internet we will need to possibly dig in your yard or underneath it.

How will my yard look?

Not to worry! Mosaic takes great care in repairing all dug-up areas. We will fill in any holes to the best of our ability and lay grass seed, so that, if it’s properly taken care of, you won’t even be able to tell we were ever there!
For any construction-related issues, you can contact mosaic and report the damage here.