A computer cookie is a piece of data which often includes an unique identifier that is sent to your browser from a web site you visit, stores as a file on your computer, identifies you as a unique user and tracks your web usage. Computer cookies can do everything from monitoring your visit throughout web sites, tracking how many times you’ve visited the site, how long you’ve been on the site, your log-in information at a particular page and remembering important information about your computer.

Over time, cookies can occupy considerable space on your hard drive. To delete the cookie files follow these steps:

Firefox: Click Tools and click Clear Recent History. Select Everything in the Time Range and click Clear Now.

Safari: From the Safari menu, drop down to ‘Preferences’, Click the ‘Security’ tab at the top (the lock icon), Click the “Show Cookies” button, From here you can search for site specific cookies if you only want to remove those, or remove all cookies. Click ‘Done’.

Internet Explorer: Click Tools then Internet Options. Click Delete Files under Temporary Internet Files. Click OK twice. Open your email, click Edit then Empty Deleted Items folder. If you don’t find this under Edit, look under Tools.

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