To connect two or more computers to one Access Plus connection will require you to purchase either a hub or a router (we recommend a router for its firewall abilities). Routers can be purchased at any of our local offices.

Connect the hub or router’s WAN/Internet port to the LAN port on the small box by your computer (or the Gateway if you have Digital Video). Connect the computer’s Ethernet card to the hub or router’s LAN ports.

Set the router to connect via DHCP (refer to the router’s documentation for help). The first computer to access the Internet will get a web site asking you to enter your Mosaic assigned username and password. After your username/password has been accepted, you will be instructed to restart the router (unplug the power source then plug back in).

After all lights on the router are restored, click Refresh on your browser window and your home page should come up. If connected correctly, all computers should now be able to access the Internet.

Category: High Speed Internet Connection