FTP settings:

    • 1. The first step is to establish a connection to the Internet.
    • 2. Open your FTP program. Filezilla is the ftp program being used in this example.
    • 3. Enter your domain name (www.yourdomainname .com) in the Host field.
    • 4. Enter the Username and Password provided to you.
    • 5. Select Quickconnect to establish the connection between your computer and the web server.
    • 6. Once you are connected to the web server, the FTP window will be divided in two frames. The Local Site is the files on your computer and the Remote Site is your files on our web server.
    • 7. Under Local Site, navigate to where your website files are located on your computer. Highlight the web page files that you want to upload to the web server then drag them to the Remote Site to upload the files. Upload all files to the www folder. The file name for the first page of your web site MUST be index.html.


If you can’t view your website, make sure that the file for the first page of your site is named index.html (all lowercase letters). Also, all files should be in the www folder on the Remote Site.

HTML is case sensitive. This means that if your file is called: Picture.jpg, your URL must be typed exactly the same way. Many people store all of their files in lower case letters to make things easier to remember.

Make sure your picture files end with either .jpg or .gif to be viewable on the Internet.

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