Mosaic’s Toll Restriction with PIN override offers you the ability to prevent unauthorized calls, and still allows you the capability to make long distance calls when you need to. Using your Personal Identification Number (PIN), you have access to complete service, while providing limited service for others.

To Create Your Override PIN Number:

  • 1. Lift the receiver.
  • 2. Dial the PIN access code *12, wait to hear 2 beeps and dial tone. (The * is located in the lower left hand corner of your telephone.)
  • 3. Dial the default PIN number, which is 7777 the first time, and then the pound sign (#). The pound sign (#) is located in the lower right hand corner of your telephone.
  • 4. Wait for another dial tone.
  • 5. Dial the PIN number that you have chosen and then the pound sign (#) on the telephone. You can use anywhere from one to six digits for your PIN number.
  • 6. You will hear a confirmation tone, which is 2 beeps and the dial tone. Hang up.

To Use Toll Restrictions with PIN Override:

  • 1. Lift the receiver and dial *13.
  • 2. Wait for dial tone.
  • 3. Enter your PIN number and then the pound sign (#). Wait to hear 2 confirmation beeps.
  • 4. The dial tone will be returned and you can continue dialing 11 digit numbers, as you would for a normal toll call.
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