There are a handful of companies that domains can be registered through. We use and recommend Network Solutions. The cost for a domain name is $25-$35 which covers the registration fee for the first year. You will be billed from the registration company each year thereafter. Before you register a domain you want to ask yourself, “Who do I want to host the domain?” The company that hosts the domain is the company that carries the traffic, stores the web site and publishes it to the Internet. How you register the domain will depend on who is hosting your domain.

If you would like to register a new domain please contact us. To check the availability of a domain name go to Whois on Network Solution’s web site.

If you have a domain that you would like to move to Mosaic, the following information must appear in your domain record:

  • Technical Contact: NIC Handle: 31573849I
  • Primary Domain Server Name:
  • Primary Domain Server Address:
  • Secondary Domain Server Name:
  • Secondary Domain Server Address:
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