Outlook 2003

    • 1. Open your Outlook 2003. The Account Wizard starts.
    • 2. In the email category, select Add a new email account. Select the NEXT button.
    • 3. Select the NEXT button.
    • 4. User Information acts as a label, this is what you want your email recipients to see in the From field of the email and where you want them to reply to. Input your Name and Email address.
    • 5. Logon Information consists of the username and password that was issued to you by Mosaic. Input your Username and Password. *Exclude @chibardun.net or @mosaictelecom.net in the username*
    • 6. Server information: use mail.chibardun.net or mail.mosaictelecom.net for both incoming and outgoing email servers. If you have WildBlue service you will need to type pop.chibardun.coop in the Incoming mail server field. Test account settings to verify that everything you input is correct. Select the NEXT button.
    • 7. Finish

Outlook 2007

    • 1. Open Outlook 2007
    • 2. Select the Tools menu at the top left of your screen.
    • 3. Select the Account Settings menu option.
    • 4. In the Email Tab, Select New on the toolbar. Next
    • 5. Choose Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP. Next
    • 6. Enter your name. This is the name you wish to display in the From: field of your emails.
    • 7. Enter your email address. This is the email address that all replies will go to.
    • 8. Enter your Password.
    • 9. Retype your Password. Next
    • 10. You may receive an error message stating that an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available. Click next to attempt an unencrypted connection. It is detecting your email server settings for you. You do not need to input them.
    • 11. Click Next.
    • 12. Finish

Outlook 2010

To set up an email account in Outlook 2010 is very straight forward. You get started by clicking the orange File button. This will show the new file menu system. Here you can add and edit accounts, clean up your mailbox, and create Rules and Alerts. All you’re existing accounts (if any) will show up in the top part of the window.

Select POP3/SMTP account. There are two ways to start the wizard. The first is to click on Add Account below the Account Information Heading. The second is to press the button called Account Settings. the difference between the two is that the first will open the Auto Account Setup Wizard whereas the Account Settings Button will open the Email Accounts overview window first. If you have any experience using Outlook both windows will look familiar to you.

Click Add Account to start the wizard. That starts the wizard which will guide you through the process. You have two choices: Fully automatic and manual way. Select Manual setup.

    • 1. Choose Manually configure server settings or additional server types
    • 2. Click next.
    • 3. In the next window, fill out all the necessary information as needed. Name, Email, Account Type, incoming and outgoing sever as well as the Logon information. If you don’t have all this, you can get it from your ISP or network manager.
    • 4. Then it’s time to decide where your emails are to be stored. If you do not have any preferences at the moment, skip this step and use the Default setting: New Outlook Data File. However, if you have a backup of an old pst-file from an earlier installation or another account, Click Existing Outlook Data File, then click Browse. Look up your file and click OK.
    • 5. Click Next
    • 6. Click Finish, You’re Done!
  • 7. Back in the main window, click Send /Receive to check for new email.
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