Definition: Adware is any software application in which advertising banners are displayed while the program is running. It can be viewed through popup windows or bars displayed on your computer screen. Some Adware includes code that tracks a user’s personal information and passes it along to third parties without the user’s knowledge or authorization, this is called Spyware.

Indicators your computer has Adware or Spyware on it include:

    • A sudden and unexpected issue with the performance of your computer.
    • Your Internet browser suddenly works slowly, or not at all.
    • Your entire computer runs slowly.
    • Mosaic has a solution to combat Adware and Spyware. That solution is called
    • Anti-Virus+. Anti-Virus+ is armed with Spyware threat detection and removal as well as Internet Explorer pop-up and ad blocking.
    • For $4.95 per month you no longer have to remember to run monthly Adware and Spyware scans! Let our Anti-Virus+ take care of it for you.

Anti-Virus+ service not only protects your computer from Adware and Spyware, but it also includes:

    • Managed virus protection
    • Microsoft patch management
    • Monthly email summary & online reporting
    • Professional installation
    • Free technical support
    • Hard drive optimization and maintenance
    • Firewall protection
  • Parental controls
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