Fiber Expansion Timeline

Find fiber internet in my area! Mosaic considers various factors in determining fiber internet expansion, prioritizing areas with high needs. Factors include distances between houses and local businesses. Here’s a simplified timeline of the expansion process.

Fiber To The Premise

for homes

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Fiber To The Premise

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What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet offers over 1000 times more bandwidth than copper internet, providing a stable and faster network for home and business use. Using light pulses through optical fibers, they enable symmetrical upload and download speeds. Immune to extreme weather conditions, fiber cables have fewer outages, making maintenance easier and reducing long-term costs. Transmitting data with high frequencies and minimal energy loss over long distances, fiber optics can carry more data farther and more efficiently. Additionally, their signal non-radiation and resistance to tapping enhance the security of personal information.

  • Lightning Fast

  • Symmetrical Speeds

  • 99.99% Reliability

  • Highly Secured

  • Gigabit Speeds

The Process

So, what is fiber to the premise, and more importantly, how does it work? Well, fiber to the premise is a process that involves installing optical fiber at a central location before running fiber optic cables to homes, apartments, and businesses that surround it. It’s important for the initial optical fiber to be put in a position that will allow it to deliver the benefits of fiber optics to as many people as it possibly can.

Engineering & Design


Before you start searching for “fiber internet in my area”, There are many factors that go into determining where fiber gets built. We believe in providing best-in-class service to the unserved and underserved areas of our community. As we all have heard, fiber is the future of broadband internet, but many don’t know that it requires millions of dollars in investment. Find out more about what’s involved with engineering the project!

Once the funding for the project is secured, we start identifying the area with the most need so we can continue to grow our unserved and underserved communities. This involves figuring out the best placement of our mainline to connect those who need it most. We also carefully create an estimated timeline of the project so we can better inform you!

Once the plan is ready, we visit the prospect area to do a geographical survey and mapping of it. This includes identifying the key obstacles our construction crew will face to get the mainline in place. These obstacles include existing utility lines, wooded areas, sidewalks and other paved ways, as well as other factors that need to be documented.

A crucial part to having industry-leading speeds is having a central office near each build. On top of making sure the mainline connects to as many homes in the area as possible, it also needs to be connected to the central office.

After surveying the site and identifying the obstacles, we make a detailed list of the equipment necessary and schedule the machine operators to minimize damage to landscaping and efficiently complete the construction.

How do we fund these multi-million dollar expansions? The government has grant programs in place to ensure all of rural America has access to high-speed internet, and provide aid to companies who lead in the industry to build the necessary infrastructure. To receive the grant for a build, we must present our proposed plan from infrastructure construction of the community to educating the residents. The more need for it in the area, the more likely that location will be to be the next location for fiber expansion. Searching “fiber internet in my area” or attending city meetings are good ways to show interest in your area! Mosaic Technologies utilizes these grants to support a portion of the total project costs to help us continue executing on our fiber deployment & connect unserved and underserved communities.

Fiber Is Future

“Mosaic is building diverse and reliable network connections. With fiber technology, during a potential network outage, the rerouting of traffic will keep your services up and running!

With Mosaic’s state-of-the-art-network, we promise symmetrical speeds i.e. same upload & download speeds to improve your streaming, video chatting, and countless other internet experiences.”

-Preston Pearson, Mosaic Technologies COO

Sign Up for Fiber!


Once grant funding or construction proposal has been approved, our model is to advance and deploy within a year. With the aggressive timeline to meet grant deadlines, Mosaic Technologies diligently works to activate new customers quickly and efficiently.

You can let us know you’re interested with our ‘Fiber to the Premise’ form on our website or request a paper version!

Fiber Ready Home?
If we already provide fiber in your neighborhood, you’re in luck. Connecting your house to our state-of-the-art fiber network will just cost a small installation fee! Contact us to find out if you are eligible for Free installation.

Blocks Away From Connecting?
If the network is still a few blocks away, give us a call and we’ll see if it is possible to run a fiber optic cable over an extended distance. However, usually you will have to wait until our network makes its way to your block!

Not A Current Fiber Ready Neighborhood?
One of the best ways to show us that there is interest in fiber in a particular area is by filling out our online form, or by calling us! Another option is to go to town and community meetings and ask about fiber internet. Better yet, talk to your neighbors and get them all to come with you and you can all express your desire for fiber internet together. Community council members can pass your interest along to us!

Search “fiber internet in my area” or follow the below links to fill out the online form to bring fiber to your premise. To request a paper copy please send us your request at

Search for “fiber internet in my area” and let us know you’re interested. Signing up with us and filling out the FTTP form shows your interest in a fiber connection. Based on build locations and engineering, will determine the ability and future construction schedule. We will reach out to you to set up an installation time once we have finished the construction of the mainline and are ready to get you connected to fiber!


Marking Utilities

The next step in the process is making sure all of the utilities and underground obstacles are properly marked so we can complete the construction of the mainline without any delays. Each flag and color represent different types of utilities and lets our construction crew know how they should proceed.

For the public utilities, like water and existing phone lines, we will call diggers hotline to mark the area. Please leave all of the flags they set up until notified otherwise.

When it comes to private utilities, like septic tanks, wells, and electric fences to name a few, it is up to the property owner to mark them.

Orange Flag – Represents the Communications line.

White Flag – Represents the Proposed Mosaic Construction line.

Blue Flag – Represents the Waterline.

Green Flag – Represents the Sewer line.

Red Flag – Represents the Power line.

Mainline Construction


It’s now time to start constructing the mainline! This process is carried out by our Mosaic construction crew as well as our contracted partners. This is usually our longest step in bringing you the Best-in-Class services. Here, we provide a simplified step-by-step process of some of the actions our crew will take during the construction process and how it’ll affect you.

To keep our community safe and our surrounding areas beautiful, our entire fiber network must be laid in the ground within the right of way. We cannot dig a trench and bury the entire length of the miles and miles of cables that make up our network, so we must use a more complicated and efficient process called boring! Thanks to specialized machinery and our outstanding construction team, we are able to dig a relatively small hole in the ground and bore a tube-like tunnel that travels horizontally in the ground, allowing us to go under structures like driveways and sidewalks, while also keeping the landscaping above intact. This is one of the reasons it is so important to mark your private utilities as requested during our construction phase!

Once the hole has been dug, the bore is removed, and the conduit (orange tubing) takes its place. This conduit gives the fiber optic cables a safe and conducive space to transmit the light information necessary to bring a strong, uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal to your home or business.

After the ground and the conduit are prepped and ready to go, it’s time to roll-out the fiber! We have to fish the line long distances underground, through the conduit to the other side and connect it to a central hub that houses the cables. Fiber Optic cables are brought to the beginning of the small tunnel and a bag is attached to it and placed in the tunnel. The cable is then pushed through the conduit using compressed air and is shot out on the other side!

From here we take the customers who have already filled out their Fiber to the Premise Form and create their dedicated line that will connect the fiber mainline to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that is on the outside of your home. Once we do that, we have all the necessary tools to connect you to fiber internet and will be in contact with you shortly.

Splicing means fusing two fiber optic cables together to form one continuous line that can transmit an uninterrupted signal. Our talented splicers come through and find each central hub of fiber and begin splicing. Each line has about 12 micro-tubes that are made of glass to reflect the data being transferred through light to your home or business! These glass tubes need to be spliced to the correct, corresponding tube to ensure the cable is properly functioning.

With steady hands and a lot of patience, two cables become one and bring the power of fiber optics to your neighborhood.

Post Construction


Post-construction is a topic that often gets overlooked but is essential to ensuring we don’t create work for our valued customers. We take the post-construction care process very seriously to give our community the best customer service possible.

If your yard was dug into at all during our construction process, our crew will return it to the best possible condition at the time.

For any construction-related issues, you can contact mosaic and report the damage here. (Select Report a Damage in Reason for Contact).

As long as you’ve let us know you’re interested in joining our fiber internet, we will reach out to you and let you know that you are ready to be set up and connected to fiber internet! At this point, we will schedule a time that works for you to have a technician connect your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and ensure your network is up and running. You must be home for this appointment as the technician will need access to both the outside and inside of your home.

Once you have received a call and your appointment for set up is scheduled, you can remove any remaining flags that are in your yard!

Schedule In-Home/Business Fiber Internet Installation

Get connected To Gigabit Fiber Internet

Once we are all done with construction and getting you the fiber drop, we will need to schedule an in-home/business installation of the services. You must be home for this appointment, as the installer will need access to both the outside and inside of your home.


If you don’t already have one, the technician will install a small utility box on the outside of your home. The tech will then connect the box and bring the fiber optic connection from the larger network to your premises. It will then be connected to your router through an Ethernet connection.

Once the router is connected, you will be able to utilize Wi-Fi and connect wirelessly. The technician will then help you connect some of your devices and show you how to run a speed test and take advantage of some of the other features your fiber internet and services offer!

Experience the best-in-class Wi-Fi experience with MosaicEdge Managed Wi-Fi. This includes the state-of-the-art router that can handle the lightning-fast speeds, app that can control your whole-home internet, network protection and more.

Experience the ultimate live tv experience with Mosaic Live TV. Stream over 150+ channels with our App on Android, Apple, Amazon & Roku. With Mosaic, you can also choose from a variety of sports, news and entertainment options to suit your interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have existing copper internet services and you are in our current fiber build area, you can now sign up to get fiber to your home or business and get speeds up to and soon beyond 1 Gig! *ask if your home or business qualifies.

  • Old or current copper customers will still need to sign the ‘Fiber to the premise/Permission to bury fiber’ form.
  • The construction process and the timeline to get fiber to your premise will still remain the same.
  • During the installation of fiber, our crew will remove your old copper drop (demarc/ONT) and replace it with high-quality fiber optic cables.

If you are a new customer and are in our current fiber build area, you can now sign up to get fiber to your home or business and get Gigabit speeds and best in class services from Mosaic Technologies. Any new customers will still need to sign the ‘Fiber to the premise/Permission to bury fiber’ form and select the services they need.

  • The construction process and the timeline to get fiber to your premise will still remain the same.
  • Once the mainline construction is complete our representative will reach out to you to set up a time for in-home/business installation.
  • During the installation process our crew will set up a small ONT on your house to connect it to the mainline fiber cable.
  • Once the service installation is complete, you can now enjoy uninterrupted, lightning-fast, internet septic tanks and electric fences to name a few, it is up to the property owner to mark them.

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