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Mosaic offers solutions to fit your business evolution with a customizable, tailored approach. We provide cutting-edge services and products keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently.

IT Solutions

Fiber Internet

Managed Wi-Fi


Live TV

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One Stop Shop for IT Services

Managed IT Services

Mosaic Technologies has the knowledge and skills to be your IT Department without the overhead cost. Utilizing Mosaic as your technology partner, provides you peace of mind that you have the support you need to run and scale your business.

  • Predictable cost
  • Comprehensive solution

  • Improved security, reliability & performance

  • Technological approach focused on uptime

  • Complete IT management solution

  • Strategic

Managed Network

Firewall Management & Maintenance
Router Monitoring
Switch Monitoring
Access Point Monitoring
Device Configuration Backups
Quarterly Network Health Review

Managed Security

Anti-Virus Monitoring
Integrated Anti-Virus Management
Regular Vulnerability Scanning
EDR Security
Threat Intelligence & Indicators
Elevate Your Business

Managed Server

Advanced Performance Monitoring
Configuration Management
Key Application Maintenance
OS Patch Management
Real Time Server Optimization
Scheduled Preventative Maintenance

Managed Workstation

Advanced Performance Monitoring
Configuration Management & Enforcement
OS Patch Management
Real Time Workstation Optimization
Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
EDR Security

Managed Backup

Backup Deployment & Configuration
Backup Performance Monitoring
Scheduled Backup Jobs
Offsite Data Center Replication
Image Backups
Backup Software Updates

Managed Helpdesk

End-Users Helpdesk Services
Dedicated Support Number & Chat Portal
Certified Experts
Industry Standard Triage & Escalation Process
Monthly Metrics Reporting
Quarterly Analysis & Trends

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Lightning-Fast Speeds

Boost Productivity

With symmetrical internet speeds up to 2.5 Gig, enjoy peace of mind with the fastest, most secured, and reliable business internet in Northwest Wisconsin. The speed and security your business can rely on with Mosaic’s gigabit State-of-the-Art network.

Fiber Internet Connectivity

Mosaic gigabit fiber internet gives you access to the people and data you need when you need it. Mosaic Fiber is extremely reliable, experiences little to no downtime. Experience Mosaic’s future-proof network.

250 Mbps/250 Mbps


Low Latency, Symmetrical Speeds, Faster & Reliable

  • Point-of-sale systems

  • HD Streaming
  • Video conferencing

  • 12+ Devices

1 Gig/1 Gig


Low Latency, Symmetrical Speeds, Faster & Reliable

  • Unlimited users & devices
  • Multiple HD streaming

  • Running applications

  • Multiple Video conferencing

  • Large file transfers

  • Unlimited Devices

500 Mbps/500 Mbps


Low Latency, Symmetrical Speeds, Faster & Reliable

  • Multiple users & devices

  • HD streaming

  • Running e-commerce

  • 18+ Devices

Stay Connected & Save Money

MosaicEdge™ Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Mosaic’s Managed Wi-Fi product sets provide customizable, cost-effective, safe, and powerful Wi-Fi coverage for business customers. Utilizing powerful, enterprise-level, Wi-Fi 6 access points and routers, create virtual network segments for security and network traffic management, allowing real-time network analysis and troubleshooting.

 | Mosaic Technologies
 | Mosaic Technologies

Enhancing Communications

Stay Connected With Business Voice

Having a reliable phone system is incredibly important for any business. Mosaic has a variety of phone plans and systems that will make communicating with your clients effortless.

UCaaS Phone Solution

Cloud-based phone system that allows you to get a secure, reliable, phone service for your business anywhere you go.

Premise Based Solutions

PBX gives you access to a world-class phone system without having to purchase, install, and maintain extensive hardware on site.

SIP Trunk

SIP trunking provides instant messaging, multimedia conferencing, 911 access — all while saving you money.

Live TV, DVR, sports, and streaming

Mosaic Live TV

Experience Mosaic Live TV, and experience top-rated, prime-time TV shows, sports, and news on demand or live. All your content, On Demand, and streaming apps — all in one place.

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Anywhere TV Experience


Ask us which Cable TV packages provide access to Watch TV Everywhere! Anywhere you can get WiFi, you can watch your favorite TV shows on your tablet or cell phone! Click here for the Watch TV Everywhere manual!

Explore Best Live TV Packages

Please contact our sales office for more information on pricing and availability. Some restrictions and service requirements may apply. Taxes & Fees apply.

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