Residential Services

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Lightning-Fast Speeds


Enjoy peace of mind with the fastest, most secured, & most reliable residential internet in Northern Wisconsin. Surf, stream, and connect to multiple devices through Mosaic’s gigabit state-of-the-art network.

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Internet Connectivity

Fiber Internet Connection

Mosaic gigabit fiber internet gives you access to the people and data you need when you need it. Mosaic Fiber is extremely reliable, experiences little to no downtime. Mosaic is building a future-proof network.

Top Plan

$109.95 / month

1000 Mbps is good for

  • Unlimited devices
  • Ultra-connected households
  • Smart house
  • Work & study from home
  • Pro-level gaming
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$94.95 / month

500 Mbps is good for

  • 20+ devices
  • Super fast downloads
  • Multiple people HD streaming
  • Work from home
  • Studying, gaming
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$79.95 / month

250 Mbps is good for

  • 12+ devices
  • Fast downloads
  • HD streaming
  • Video chatting
  • Fast browsing
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Copper Internet Connection

With Mosaic internet service you get exactly what you pay for without sharing the connection with your neighbors and at the speed you need to work, play, and learn. Create your dedicated connection with the most powerful, secured managed Wi-Fi and experience Mosaic’s best in class network.

$81.95 / month

150 Mbps is good for

  • 8+ devices

  • Fast browsing
  • Streaming
  • Video chatting
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$56.95 / month

75 Mbps is good for

  • 5+ devices

  • Browsing
  • Streaming
  • Chatting
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Not all plans are available in all areas. Call now to find the right plan for you.

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Fiber To The Premise

Live TV, DVR, sports, and streaming

Mosaic Live TV

Experience Mosaic Live TV, and experience top-rated, prime-time TV shows, sports, and news on demand or live. All your content, On Demand, and streaming apps — all in one place.

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OTT Channel Guide

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Explore Best Live TV Packages

Local Plan

$24.95 / month*

  • 50+ Popular Channels
  • Local News Network
  • HD Streaming
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Essential Plan

$86.95 / month*

  • 100+ Popular Channels

  • News, Sports, Movies

  • HD Streaming
  • Bally TBS HGTV NHL
Channel Guide
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$102.90 / month*

Top Plan
  • 140+ Popular Channels

  • Complete Entertainment

  • HD Streaming

  • FX Disney NewsMax MTV

Channel Guide
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Xtra Sports

$9.95 / month*

  • 13+ Popular Channels

  • Xtra Sports Coverage

  • HD Streaming

  • BTN NFL Red Zone Fishing
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Please contact our sales office for more information on pricing and availability. Some restrictions and service requirements may apply.
*Q1 2022 Eau Claire broadcast surcharge is $31.79. Taxes & Fees apply.

To help you understand who charges what – and why – we explain the various fees and what we do to keep costs as low as possible in more detail here:

Full-Feature Phone

Residential Phone

With Mosaic’s wide array of residential telephone services, experience amazing reception and coverage for all your calls. We made staying connected with your family and loved ones simple and affordable.

Full Feature Phone

$14.95 / month

  • 22+ Free Features

  • Voicemail

  • Caller ID

  • Do Not Disturb

Unlimited Long Distance

$15.00 / month

  • Unlimited Calling
  • Nationwide Calling
  • Add-on Service

Managing your Mosaic services has never been easier

Download all 3 apps for a complete Mosaic experience

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Manage your account, pay your bill & more with MyMosaic App.

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Manage your home network with MosaicEdge™ Managed Wi-Fi App.

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Ultimate live TV experience

Watch all your favorite shows, movies and live sports with Mosaic Live TV app.

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