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Making Your Billing Easier Than Ever Before

By Published On: July 6th, 20232 min read


MyMosaic is your key to managing your Mosaic account and services right from your phone! This free app, links below, can be set up in minutes and allows you to not only pay your bill from your phone but also set up autopay, submit questions to tech support (trouble ticket) and even upgrade/activate new or existing services!

All you need to set up your account is the most recent invoice you’ve received from Mosaic! Once you have that on hand and you’ve downloaded the app, you can follow the steps on your phone or watch our step-by-step tutorial on how to install the app on your Apple and Android devices. Once you’re logged in, view your invoice and pay it in minutes, or set up autopay and never think about your monthly invoice again! Experience a modern billing system that gives you the power to save time and effort when paying your monthly bills with one simple app and less than 10 minutes of set up.

My Mosaic App

Drop Box Closure Announcement

Last week, we announced that we are shifting our main payment option to the MyMosaic app, where you can pay your invoice right from your phone! This means drop box locations in Chetek, Barron, and Rice Lake will no longer be available for payment drop-off after July 28th, 2023. This is a necessary step to further ensure our customers’ security as well as improve our community’s environmental efforts by cutting back on the amount of paper billing necessary. Thankfully, the MyMosaic app makes this transition seamless by providing an easier way to pay your bill than ever before!

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we transition to add an extra layer of security to our customers’ billing. We are excited to provide our customers with a safer option that makes the payment process as painless and fast as possible. If you need additional assistance setting up your app, please check out the YouTube videos linked above or call our office at (715) 458-5400, and one of our local professionals will be happy to assist you!

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