Mosaic Technologies, formerly known as Mosaic Telecom, local broadband internet, phone, and information technology services provider, announced today the launch of its new corporate brand identity, redesigned logo, and website. These changes come at a time when the company, headquartered in Cameron, Wisconsin, is evolving its service offerings and aggressively expanding its fiber-optic cable reach throughout Northwest Wisconsin.

“With a top of the line IT department and redesigned network operations center, technology is the future of Mosaic,” said Domenico Fornaro, CEO of Mosaic Technologies. “Our new website and brand identity better reflect our advanced technological position and clearly demonstrate the diverse myriad of services we bring to our clients across Northwest Wisconsin.

Designed to work effortlessly across digital and printable channels, the new logo is modern and sleek to reemphasize Mosaic’s lead in providing sophisticated technological services and products. The mosaic “M” signifies the necessary diversity of many parts to create a successful whole. The mosaic tiles represent how Mosaic Technologies’ suite of services and products work together to help customers succeed every day in business and at home.

The newly redesigned website,, features easy-to-navigate pages and updated simplified messaging. The visual design showcases and celebrates Mosaic’s connection to community and cutting-edge technology, while the layout is structured to provide a seamless user experience. The site also better highlights the full business and residential product and service suites available to Rice Lake, Cameron, Almena, Barron, Chetek, Dallas, Ridgeland and most recently Turtle Lake. Future fiber optic service locations include North of Rice Lake, Prairie Farm and Sand Creek.

Mosaic Technologies is in the process of rebranding all its existing signage including–its full fleet of vehicles, buildings, internal and external communications, and more. As in the past, Mosaic Technologies is using local vendors as much as possible to efficiently complete this major initiative.