We’ve all seen emails in our inboxes that look a little phishy. As you probably know, phishing is a popular scamming method that uses real (or sometimes not so real) looking emails to get you to click on a link that then downloads a virus or other malware onto your computer. With online activity growing exponentially, cyber threats do too! According an article from earlier this year by cybertalk, 5 million new phishing websites are created every single month, allowing people to send slightly different web links (ex. instead of Yahoo.com, its Yah00.com) to trusted websites only to steal your information as soon as you click the link. If this happens on your personal email then you could face fraudulent charges, ransomware messages, and even identity theft, but if this happens on your work email, then you could cause thousands of dollars in damages or more to regain or resecure your business’s data.

Different Types of Phishing have Different Targets

Phishing can be split up into a few different categories. Spear phishing references targeted attacks that focus on a specific person’s information and make it seem like a boss or coworker of the target is talking about some everyday topic. They may ask you to buy a client a gift card for them quickly or send you an internal hiring opportunity to get you to click on the link without even thinking. It’s important to always double-check the email address before clicking on any links in your email. Another common type of phishing is actually called whaling and that refers to the targeting of senior executives and higher-up individuals who have access to most of the company. These emails may disguise themselves as panicked employees or even potential business opportunities to again get you to react quicker than you think and download the malware onto your device.

The Solution: Preparation and Defense

At Mosaic Technologies, we provide a simple way to ensure your staff is always on guard against suspicious emails and phishing attempts. By utilizing our managed security service, you’ll get access to a phishing simulator that sporadically sends out fake phishing emails to your employees to test their ability to identify and avoid suspicious emails. If one of your employees does end up failing this initial test, it’ll automatically let them know and requires them to complete a short 10–15-minute course that reminds them of the things to look out for when sorting through their email.

When you partner with Mosaic, you know that you’ll not only be defended against these attacks, but you’ll learn how to prevent these attacks from ever getting to the point of danger. Take a step in the right direction and choose your local technology partner to give you in-depth protection and help against phishing and other cyber threats. To learn more about our managed security service, visit https://experiencemosaic.com/business-services/.

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