At a glance statistics:

47% of people say they use public Wi-Fi regularly.
18% of public Wi-Fi users use it to work remotely.
15% of public Wi-Fi users use it to stream online content.
8% of public Wi-Fi users use it because it’s better than their at-home connection.
53% of public Wi-Fi users have connected to a café or restaurant.
32% of public Wi-Fi users have connected to other types of stores.

How Business is Evolving

It’s no secret that the way business is done has been constantly evolving, especially after the COVID pandemic, but in what ways is it evolving? Customers have always been swayed by the product or service quality, but while that’s remained the same, the customer experience has become increasingly more important. For some businesses, that could mean providing high-level customer service to guide the client through confusing situations, for others it could mean tailored solutions specific to their needs. But one customer experience aspect frequently gets overlooked due to its everyday use: a guest Wi-Fi connection!

The Benefits of having a free guest Wi-Fi

  1. Increased Customer Experience – Customers will be more likely to enjoy their time in your business if they can do what they love most. Whether that means scrolling through social media, streaming their favorite tv shows, or working remotely, you could see a customer up to 71% more likely to return to your shop after being able to surf the web with a Wi-Fi connection!
  2. Increased Customer Loyalty – Customers are more likely to return to a shop regularly when they have a positive experience that provides added value with other free attractions. A free public Wi-Fi connection is an excellent way to add value to your customer’s experience while in your store. According to a survey by Small Business Trends, 62% of businesses with a free Wi-Fi connection see an increase in customer loyalty.
  3. Increased Word-of-Mouth Marketing – By allowing customers to have access to your Wi-Fi, you’re not only increasing the amount of time they will spend in your store but also giving them new opportunities to share their experiences with their friends and family. This could be as simple as posting a picture of your product on social media or even leaving you a review instantly after a positive experience.
  4. Increased Website Traffic and Social Engagement – Having a public Wi-Fi connection offers you a chance to increase your online presence. By setting up a public Wi-Fi connection, you allow your customers to go to your website and view even more products you provide. You can even set up your Wi-Fi to take them to your website as a way to log on to the public connection, similar to the way they do it at airports and hotels!
  5. Increased Sales – Create brand loyalty by offering a free guest network to your new and existing customers. Providing this add-on amenity, will create an increase in foot traffic and enhance the customer experience while shopping. You can even offer specific deals to those who connect to your network or share your product or service with their friends. The number of opportunities for increasing sales with public Wi-Fi are almost limitless.

How you can safely provide a free public connection.

The key to providing free public Wi-Fi is maintaining your safety by setting up a guest network. This allows your customers to enjoy the connection to the internet and protects you from any viruses that their devices may be carrying. Mosaic offers an incredible business Wi-Fi solution that does that and so much more. Our dedicated commercial sales team has the experience and knowledge to help you tailor a solution to your business’s needs so you can start experiencing the benefits of utilizing public Wi-Fi in your store or office. For more information on our business Wi-Fi solutions and how you can partner with Mosaic, your local technology provider, check out our business page here,

Calix SmartBiz Blog “Free Wi-Fi and Why Your Business Needs to Offer it”

MosaicEdge™ Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Mosaic’s Managed Wi-Fi product sets provide customizable, cost-effective, safe, and powerful Wi-Fi coverage for business customers. Utilizing powerful, enterprise-level, Wi-Fi 6 access points and routers, create virtual network segments for security and network traffic management, allowing real-time network analysis and troubleshooting.