Mosaic continues fiber deployment for gigabit internet services in Turtle Lake this week as part of a multi-year initiative to expand fiber optic infrastructure throughout the area. This milestone initiative will allow all of Mosaic’s customers in the Turtle Lake area to access existing internet services up to 1 Gig or 1,000 Mbps.

Mosaic began its fiber expansion construction in Turtle Lake on April 1 and will be in the area until later this summer. During this fiber installation process, Mosaic will replace its current network of copper cables with a network of fiber optic cables which use light instead of electricity to carry a digital data signal.
To help fund the project, Mosaic applied for the first round of broadband grants appropriated by Gov. Evers in the 2019 – 2021 Wisconsin biennial budget totaling $24 million — the largest in state history.

“Mosaic appreciates all the hard work and dedication from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin and the Village,” said Mosaic’s CEO Domenico Fornaro. “Unfortunately, there was not enough money in round one to support the Turtle Lake grant request. However, Mosaic committed to the Village of Turtle Lake leadership, businesses, and residents that we would provide a robust fiber network with up to 1 gig-capable speeds and we plan to keep that promise.”

Mosaic has also expanded into other underserved areas, including neighborhoods in Barron, Dallas, Ridgeland and rural Rice Lake. These combined projects represent a significant capital investment by Mosaic in the much-needed rural broadband expansion effort. Once completed, residents will enjoy:

Fiber broadband speeds up to 1 Gig, providing for better video streaming television for Netflix™, HBO Go®, Hulu, and other services.
Best in classupload and download speeds, providing a seamless internet connection experience, especially for all newly connected devices in homes today.

Citizens of Turtle Lake will see Mosaic’s construction team and equipment in the area. Mosaic asks for Turtle Lake residents’ cooperation and patience as construction continues through the summer months. Anyone with questions or requests for service is encouraged to call 715-458-5400 or visit for more information.