For more than 60 years, Mosaic has been your local communications provider. That means when you call us, you’re talking to your long-time neighbor, Sonja. Or Anton, the cool guy who moved in down the street last year.

From our technicians to our CEO, everyone who works at Mosaic Technologies lives right here in Northwest Wisconsin. So when that storm rolls through, we know exactly what you need and care about getting you up and running quickly. Your data and service are important to us, because you’re important to us.

We bring you the best connection possible—because, if you can work more efficiently, your business grows. And that’s good for everyone. Close to 50 Mosaic employees dine at your bars and restaurants, golf on your greens and shop your inventory. We buy homes from you, duplicate keys downtown and get our hair cut by you. You know us by name too.

We’re your local communications provider with cutting-edge service options and we’re your neighbors. We know you by more than just your IP address, we know you.

So thank you for choosing local. Thank you for choosing Mosaic.

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