Clean Up

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Once the splicing is complete, the construction portion of our fiber optic installation is over! When we no longer need to have access to the conduits underground, we will be sure to do our best to make your yard or surrounding area look just like it did before we


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Splicing means fusing two fiber optic cables together to form one continuous line that can transmit an uninterrupted signal. We do this so we can branch our mainline internet to as many locations as possible and still provide the fastest internet available. Our talented splicers come through and find

Laying Fiber Cables

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After the ground and the conduit are prepped and ready to go, it’s time to roll-out the fiber! We have to fish the line long distances underground, through the conduit to the other side and connect it to a central hub that houses the cables that are then split

Boring and Placing Conduit

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To keep our community safe and our surrounding areas beautiful, our entire fiber network must be laid underground. Obviously, we cannot dig a trench and bury the entire length of the miles and miles of cables that make up our network, so we must use a more complicated and

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