If you have been converted to fiber internet recently and seem to be experiencing slow service, it could be your router. Experienced internet speeds can only be as fast as your hardware allows. Meaning if you have a standard store-bought router, it might not be able to handle the ferocity of fiber internet speeds. Boost Wi-Fi with Mosaic Technologies’ top-of-the-line managed router. 
Mosaic’s managed Wi-Fi routers contain high-end technology,  and are able to handle fiber’s fastest speeds. With managed Wi-Fi, you have enough Wi-Fi power for every device in your home or business, from the laptop, to all the phones, and even streaming TV downstairs. Mosaic’s managed Wi-Fi router was made to support the latest devices and give you a seamless strong Wi-Fi signal so you can work, play and learn from home. Don’t let your router come between your fast internet speeds and your Wi-Fi experience. 
Right now, we’re letting you boost Wi-Fi  free for 3 months to see the difference the correct hardware can make to your connection experience.
After 3 months, it’s only $7.95/ month. A comparable managed Wi-Fi router would retail for between $200-$300!
So basically you have nothing to lose, and only a better faster boosted Wi-Fi experience to gain!
Call  715-458-5400 today to try Mosaic’s managed Wi-Fi free for 3 months! Or submit a Contact Mosaic form to improve your experience today.