Local Telephone To Keep You In Touch

With Mosaic’s wide array of residential telephone services, experience amazing reception and coverage for all your calls. We made staying connected with your family and loved ones simple and affordable.

Excellent Reception

Experiencing poor cell phone reception at home? Mosaic’s phone service provides a reliable connection during every call.

Safety & Security

Having multiple phone locations throughout your home provides all ages quick access to a reliable
phone no matter the time of day.


Cell phones are often misplaced and hard to find. With a residential telephone service, you always know where the phone is.

Customer Service

Experience the best-in-class service with a dedicated, professional customer support team.

Full-Feature Phone line. Plans Build For You.

Full-Feature Phone
Single line
$14.95per month
  • Includes 23 FREE Features

    Popular Features
    Caller ID
    Do Not Disturb
    Call Forwarding
Unlimited Long Distance
$15.00per month
  • Unlimited Long Distance

    Call nationwide, whenever you want

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Reasons to have a residential telephone connection in your home!

Reliable Service

The coverage of your cell phone at home may be poor without a cell phone tower close by. Mosaic’s landline phone service provides a reliable connection during every call so you can always reach those most important to you!

Emergency Access

With a landline, you’re able to make important calls even if there is a power outage. Having multiple phone locations throughout the home provides all ages quick access to a reliable phone if there is ever an emergency situation.

Enhanced 911

Enhanced 911 allows first responders to locate you with GPS. The system routes an emergency call to the appropriate 911 answering point for the caller’s location, AND automatically displays the caller’s phone number and address.

Local Presence

Mosaic Technologies’ employees live, work & play right here in Northwest Wisconsin. We care about the well-being of our neighbors and are a local phone call away when you need to talk to someone right away. No 1-800 numbers necessary.

Not Enough Reasons For You To Add A Residential Telephone Line To Your Home?

Here are 22 FREE features included with your phone line


User-friendly guides to make your setup easier

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Unlimited local calling, and Unlimited EAS (Extended Area Service) calls.



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